Terms of sale

For reservation of a kitten the contract on intentions is made and the deposit (30- % from its cost) is brought. The deposit for a kitten doesn't come back!

All kittens leave nursery not earlier than three-monthly age. By the time of sale all kittens are imparted, accustomed to a tray, a dry feed and когтеточке, have a full set of documents – a family tree (family trees for the castrated or sterilized cats (cats) aren't provided (except cases, so far as concerns exhibition career of the eunuch that initially makes a reservation at sale of a kitten), the veterinary passport and as the contract of purchase and sale protecting interests, both the buyer, and nursery.

Our kittens contain and brought up in house conditions and constant contact to people and other animals that is one of conditions sociability of cats.

Together with a kitten you receive a package the recommendation about cultivation, feeding, vaccination, etc. As the disk with photos of parents of a kitten and the kitten from a birth will be given out you.

The kitten can arrive to you to any point of, Russia and any other country (delivery is possible)

If you have decided to get at us a kitten, write or call us.

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